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Human GPNMB,Osteoactivin ELISA Kit

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  • Product Name Human GPNMB,Osteoactivin ELISA Kit
  • Specificity Human
  • Crossing Reactivity There is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.
  • Immunogen Type NSO,A22-P486
  • Alternative Names Transmembrane glycoprotein NMB; Transmembrane glycoprotein HGFIN; GPNMB; HGFIN, NMB; UNQ1725,PRO9925;
  • Accession No. Q14956
  • Cell Localization Cell membrane; Identified by mass spectrometry inmelanosome fractions from stage I to stage IV. Detected at thecell surface in different types of cancers cells, includingglioblastoma multiforme cells and most melanoma cell lines.
Application Details

sensitivity:10pg ml
Detect Range:156pg ml-10 000pg ml
sample_type:cell culture supernates cell lysates tissue homogenates serum and plasma (heparin EDTA).
capture_antibody:monoclonal antibody from mouse
detection_antibody:polyclonal antibody from goat
protein_name:Transmembrane glycoprotein NMB
gene_full_name:Transmembrane glycoprotein NMB
tissue_specificity: Up-regulated in various cancer cells including in glioblastoma multiforme. Expressed in many melanomacells as well as in tissue macrophages including liver Kuppfercells and lung alveolar macrophages in podocytes and in somecells of the ciliary body of the eye (at protein level). Hardlydetectable in healthy brain..
sequence_similarities:Belongs to the PMEL NMB family.
research_category:immunology|innate immunity|macrophage / inflamm.|cancer|tumor immunology|tumor-associated antigens

Product Description
Sandwich High Sensitivity ELISA kit for Quantitative Detection of Human GPNMB,Osteoactivin
protein_function: Could be a melanogenic enzyme..
Transmembrane glycoprotein NMB is a protein that in humans is encoded by the GPNMB gene. In osteoblast progenitor cells, GPNMB works as a positive regulator of osteoblast differentiation during later stages of matrix maturation and mineralization that is mediated at least in part by BMP-2 in a SMAD1 dependent manner to promote osteoblast differentiation. GPNMB can enhance the repairing process in bone fracture, demonstrated by its high expression during chondrogenesis(soft callus) and osteogenesis(hard callus) compared to the intact femurs that is why Osteoactivin(OA) could be a novel therapeutic agent used to treat generalized osteoporosis or localized osteopenia during fracture repair by stimulating bone growth and regeneration. Similarly, GPNMB expression increases during osteoclast differentiation and it is functionally implicated in this process, possibly by promoting the fusion of osteoclast progenitor cells.
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