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Blocker Reagent 6(Mouse mAb-Goat pAb System)

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  • Product Name Blocker Reagent 6(Mouse mAb-Goat pAb System)
  • Brief Description 1545096460
  • Purification 90%
  • Concentration 10mg/m
  • Storage -20˚C
Product Description

Appearance: Liquid
Filtration: 0.2um
Buffer :10mM phosphate buffered salinePBSpH7.4
Preservative: None
Stability: 24 months
Precautions: This product can be kept at 2-8˚C for maximum 30 days. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. If multiple usages are needed, it is recommended to be stored separately in smaller volumes.
Product Information: Blocker Reagent 6(Mouse mAb-Goat pAb System) blockers specially aim at the interference of heterophilic antibody and rheumatoid factor in immunoassay, which are suitable for the detection system of mouse monoclonal antibody or goat antibody. Blocker Reagent 6(Mouse mAb-Goat pAb System) blockers also effectively reduce the degree of interference and improve the reliability of detection, hence reduce the incidence of false positive and false negative. Compared with the passive blocking agent, its concentration is low and the effect of reducing the interference is more obvious.
Recommended instructions for use: 1. The concentration of blockers is 50?g-500?g/ml. The final concentration should be determined by gradient experiment. Concentration recommended for the first time starting from a higher concentration gradient and then determine the effect of dilution to lower concentrations, a more economical concentration can then be chosen to use. 2. Diagnostic regent kit for immunochromatographic assay is recommended to be added to the marker or sample pad treatment solution. The chemiluminescence kit or Elisa kit is recommended to be added to the magnetic bead or enzyme label solution, and the immunoturbidimetric product is recommended to be added to the R1 Working fluid. 3. We recommend that you test each blocker to find the most suitable product for you, if conditions permit. Due to the diversity of testing objects and systems, it is recommended that customers use a combination when the effect of a single blocker cannot fully meet your requirements. Experimental results show that synergistic combination can show better results. 4. Please note that no single blocker is available for all immune tests, and we can optimize the formulation for your test system.
    Please let us know if you have published research using #BK006 so that we can cite your reference.
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