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November News

       At Nov.2th, 2012, Ph.D. Peter Li, the Chief Scientific Officer of Canada ABM company, visited our Asia center, in china Nanjing Chuanbo Biotech Co.. Ltd..We friendly talked about the relationship with the business process in the all year of 2012, we considered that we will strengthen bilateral cooperation for the new year of 2013.

       At Nov. 4th, 2012, Ph.D. Kerxiang suen, the chief staff and the general manager of World Precision Instruments corporation, patronaged our Asia center, in china Nanjing Chuanbo Biotech Co., Ltd..We discussed about the cooperation for the china domestic research reagents market, hoped to tie together to develop domestic and foreign market.Ph.D. Kerxiang suen also give our market staffs a splendid lecture  about how to open a gap in a competitive market.