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Wechat Subscription

Join our subscription to receive the latest promotions, events, and news. Please see the instructions below for more details.


1.    Download: You can scan Wechat QR code with your mobile phone, or open Wechat.com on your mobile browser, to download WeChat. See more details: http://www.wechat.com/en/download.html
2.    Scan: You can scan the QR code with WeChat to join our subscription. Find the QR code from home page.

3.    After scanning, you can follow our SAB official Wechat platform to receive the latest promotions and special offers, events, and news.


How to use Wechat
Apart  from receiving the latest updates, you can contact us with Wechat  by sending voice, video, photo and text messages.For how to use Wechat, please see more details:http://www.wechat.com/en/features.html#live_chat


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