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Cathepsin B Conjugated Antibody

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C48206-AF350 100ul $399.00
C48206-AF405 100ul $399.00
C48206-AF488 100ul $399.00
C48206-AF555 100ul $399.00
C48206-AF594 100ul $399.00
C48206-AF647 100ul $399.00
C48206-AF680 100ul $399.00
C48206-AF750 100ul $399.00
C48206-Biotin 100ul $399.00

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  • Product Name Cathepsin B Conjugated Antibody
  • Host Species Rabbit
  • Clonality Polyclonal
  • Species Reactivity Hu
  • Immunogen Description Synthetic peptide (KLH-coupled) within human Cathepsin B C-terminal.
  • Conjugates Biotin AF350 AF405 AF488 AF555 AF594 AF647 AF680 AF750
  • Excitation Emission AF350: 346nm/442nm
    AF405: 401nm/421nm
    AF488: 493nm/519nm
    AF555: 555nm/565nm
    AF594: 591nm/614nm
    AF647: 651nm/667nm
    AF680: 679nm/702nm
    AF750: 749nm/775nm
  • Alternative Names Amyloid precursor protein secretase antibody
    APP secretase antibody
    APPS antibody
    CATB_HUMAN antibody
    Cathepsin B heavy chain antibody
    Cathepsin B1 antibody
    CathepsinB antibody
    CPSB antibody
    CTSB antibody
    cysteine protease antibody
    OTTHUMP00000116009 antibody
    OTTHUMP00000229510 antibody
    OTTHUMP00000229511 antibody
    OTTHUMP00000229512 antibody
    OTTHUMP00000229514 antibody
    OTTHUMP00000229515 antibody
    OTTHUMP00000229516 antibody
    Preprocathepsin B antibody
  • Accession No. Swiss-Prot#:P07858
  • Calculated MW 38 kDa
  • Formulation 0.01M Sodium Phosphate, 0.25M NaCl, pH 7.6, 5mg/ml Bovine Serum Albumin, 0.02% Sodium Azide
  • Storage Store at 4˚C in dark for 6 months
Application Details

Suggested Dilution:
AF350 conjugated: most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 250
AF405 conjugated: most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 250
AF488 conjugated: most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 250
AF555 conjugated: most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 250
AF594 conjugated: most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 250
AF647 conjugated: most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 250
AF680 conjugated: most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 250
AF750 conjugated: most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 250
Biotin conjugated: working with enzyme-conjugated streptavidin, most applications: 1: 50 - 1: 1,000

Cathepsin B is an enzymatic protein belonging to the peptidase (or protease) families. In humans, it is coded by the CTSB gene. A wide array of diseases results in elevated levels of cathepsin B, which causes numerous pathological processes including cell death, inflammation, and production of toxic peptides. Focusing on neurological diseases, cathepsin B gene knockout studies in an epileptic rodent model have shown cathepsin B causes a significant amount of the apoptotic cell death that occurs as a result of inducing epilepsy. Mutations in the CTSB gene have been linked to tropical pancreatitis, a form of chronic pancreatitis.
    Please let us know if you have published research using #C48206 so that we can cite your reference.
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